The Authors

2016 Festival Authors

We will publish our confirmed authors in October.

2 thoughts on “The Authors

  1. I was delighted and honoured to be part of the festival on Galiano last year, as a reader and author of a new book of poetry from Mother Tongue. This year I hope to attend “from away” as an appreciative listener and avid reader. The experience of the festival which I received last year as a participant was far and above in the most delightful and supportive atmosphere I have ever had. Thank you all again for the wonderful organization and support of Canadian writers. See you soon, and best wishes, Cathy Ford

  2. I agree wholeheartedly! It was indeed an honour to be part of the 2011 Galiano Literary Festival! Especially as the only Alberta author!

    From the venue, the Galiano Inn, to sharing the company of so many wonderful writers, the whole experience was remarkable.

    All lovers of language and believers in books who attend this year (2012) will no doubt be as enthralled with the festival as I was!

    Much luck for another successful event-filled weekend!

    Anne Sorbie
    Calgary, AB

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